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Leeaky Hose

Premier Extrusion - Leeaky Hose

Leeaky Hose is simply the most environmental and resource friendly irrigation system developed this century. It cuts watering needs by 70% & can even be used with recycled & rural water supplies.

Environmental Protection Authority Approved

  • Saves up to 70% on water usage
  • Saves you valuable time
  • Eliminates plant shock
  • Waters the garden NOT the driveway
  • Easy to install and maintain - light and pliable, no drippers or jets to block
  • Delivers water directly to plant roots developing drought resistance
  • Aerates soil increasing microbic action and nitrogen levels
  • Fewer weeds and less plant disease
  • Irrigates up to 1.8 metres each side of hose
  • Uses standard hose fittings and connectors
  • Uses mains, rain, dam or recycled water
  • Invisible system reducing vandalism
  • Perfect for awkward gardens & narrow strips
  • Liquid fertilise through hose

How it Works

Leeaky Hose takes advantage of the fact that water acts as its own conductor. It is designed so that water ‘sweats’ through its walls at a controlled rate over long distances at low water flow.

At pressures of 4psi or below the hose will deliver moisture to the surrounding soil through capillary action. As a rough guide, Leeaky Hose releases water below ground at around 2 litres per metre per hour.

  • Turf Growing in highly used areas
  • Reduce plant losses in initial landscaping
  • Safe environmental dispersion of effluent
  • Naturally fed unattended irrigation system
  • Aeration in water for aquatic industries
  • Terrace irrigation without erosion
  • Reduces need for herbicide and pesticides in orchards and broad acre planting
  • Reduce algae bloom in waterways
Code Internal Dia. External Dia. Coil Lengths
33:LEEAK 12mm - 20mt, 30mt, 50mt, 100mt & 200mt
33:LEEAK 18mm - 20mt, 50mt & 100mt