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Polyseal Foam Wadding

Premier Extrusion - Polyseal

Polyseal is a Low Density Polyethylene closed cell foam manufactured specifically for bottle cap wading. All component materials used to manufacture POLYSEAL WADING are food grade and meet AS 2070 Part 1.

POLYSEAL is supplied in two formats:

  1. POLYSEAL PLAIN: A single layer LDPE closed cell foam
  2. POLYSEAL LAMINATE: A single layer closed cell foam laminated one side with LDPE film.
Polyseal Parts

Two-ply co-extruded material; foamed low density polyethylene core (2) with a laminated solid layer of low density polyethlene (1)


The material is to be supplied in roll form with a minimum diameter of 100mm and a maximum diameter 150mm depending on customer requirements. Polyseal can be manufactured in 100mtr, 150mtr or 200mtr coils. The coil shall be securely strapped to prevent unwinding and is to be coiled, sealed side out unless otherwise requested.

Wadding Thickness

Measurement of thickness shall be achieved using a micrometer measuring intervals of 10-15mm across the width of wad. Tolerance shall not exceed maximum variation from top to bottom limit of 0.127mm.
*1.50mm to 2.28mm thick available in width up to 70mm only.

Polythene Lamination

The nominal thickness of the standard polythene laminate film shall be 0.04mm. Polyseal can also be laminated with Saranex Film upon request.

Raw Material

Please find Raw Material Data Sheet for the LDPE supplied.

Wadding Colour

The nominal colour for Polyseal Wading is Natural White, unless other wise specified. Special colours can be manufactured upon request.

Specifications and Tolerances

Thickness 0.75mm to 2.25mm ( ± 0.127mm)
Width 16mm to 50mm (+ 1.0mm – 0.0mm)
51mm to 170mm (+ 2.0mm – 0.0mm)
Blown Density 0.50 grams / cm³ (± 10%)
General Chemical Resistance Excellent
Compressibility Excellent
Colour Natural White
Roll Length 100m, 150m or 200m